Best new active adult communities

It can be difficult to find the best new active adult communities. This page will give you a list of some of the types of new adult communities as well as some specific communities that are popular today.


Types of New adult communities

Traditional adult communities were restricted to people 55+, or in rarer cases, 50 or 60 plus. Although many communities are set up without an age restriction, many are defacto age-restricted because of the people they attract.    Here are the main types of adult communities being built today.

  • Golf centered (either championship 18 hole courses or executive (shorter) courses
  • Tennis.  Many communities offer golf as their most active sport
  • Clubhouse.  Many communities simply have a small clubhouse with perhaps a fitness center, swimming pool, and kitchen
  • Boating.  Communities on lakes, rivers, or bays often have slips and marinas that attract a boating crowd
  • Cultural. Although rarer, there are communities where the arts is  a focus
  • Horses, airplanes, or other more exotic sports.  Out there somewhere, there is an adult community for almost every passion.
  • Urban condos with amenities
  • Cohousing

Best New Adult Communities

Here is a list of some of the top adult communities that we know about:


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