Looking for new active adult communities?

New adult communities are being built and promoted all the time, even in this difficult economic climate. This site will help you find a community that matches your needs from what can be a bewildering array of choices.

The exciting news about adult communities is that there are so many innovative ideas, concepts, lifestyles, and amenities. Many communities are probably right for you – if you can discover them. The biggest problem is that these communities are hard to find out about. Some do not advertise or have good publicity, others are overwhelmed with so much “noise” and hype in the active adult community space. The result is that the communities with the best new identities can be overlooked. Another issue is that it can be hard to find the time to wade through all the communities competing for your time, all with similar and sometimes suspect claims.


Active Adult Communities Directory

Use this Community Directory to find a complete list of new and established active adult communities.


Best New Active Adult Communities

Use our Best New Active Communities page to find a summary of the most popular and exciting new active adult and 55+ communities.


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